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The times my hair said no…

I know the post title can be very misleading, but it’s true. I have humongous amount of hair on my head with a volume greater than entire pacific ocean. There are so many things I wanna do but wait there are my hair with large posters saying “YOU CAN’T, STOP, NO,”

I’m a guy with so many hair on my head that everytime the barber has refused that I can have a good wax-stand hair style, if thats what its called. Either my volume is too much, my hair are too many, their are too heavy, god knows. Everytime I have tried to use wax, I have failed miserably.

My Life story…..

Lets have a walkthrough of my day… I wake up and my hair are going in every direction. Some are even upright, WHY CAN’T YOU STAY UPRIGHT WHEN I USE WAX! I brush and have breakfast, all’s good, my hair are not troubling me. Then at around 11 I go for shower. I’m standing in the shower panel, water touches my head. But I don’t feel it, coz of the dense hair growth, the water actually seeps in and touches my scalp after 15 mins of me standing in it like a statue. Once my hair are soaked up they start falling and soon my eyes are blinded by the dense fall of thick jet black hair, I struggle to get them back up. Because of which I bath with my head tilted back so my hair don’t blind me.


Now you’ll say, just get them cut…. I do, I did, but because of my overweight hair even when they are as small as 4-5 cms, they fall in every direction. This looks like a grass field where people recently ran over. :/ So all I can survive in is little long hair about 10 cms, so I can force them to flal in one direction. It’s a nightmare trust me.

Now when I out of the shower, starts the real mess. While I’m writing this post, I’ve just come out of shower and my hair are all falling on my eyes and after every word I have to swift my fingers through them and put them back up. My mom suggested to use a hair ban, so I do but then this makes my hair go all wavy and crazy.

Some people suggested go bald… Oh god no. There will come a time where I shall get bald but this ain’t that.

Whenever something falls and rolls under bed, sofa or table, I kneel down and try to look but no, my platoon of hair come rushing blocking my eyesight. So now I use one hand to hold them on my head and other to grab the thing. Ugh.

I have no idea why no wax or hair gel works on my hair… Maybe I should use glue? What say?

Anyways, I was gonna get hair color today but unfortunately my friend got caught up somewhere so i’ll have it tomorrow now. Don’t know why I wrote this here.

Well I guess we guys do have our own hair problems.

Lol. Have a nice day. 🙂



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