Pencil Color Portrait #1

Hey everyone. Hope you all are doing great. This marks my 101st post on wordpress, so now I feel I should introduce one more side of my life and that is art. I’ve been sketching and painting since a young age. I have made 6 oil paintings, many sketches of celebrities (black and white). Recently I’ve started colored portraits.

The reason I created black and white was because I struggled with blending pencil colors. I had no idea how to blend them. Recently I got hold of a blender pencil and afetr watching a few youtube tutorials, I decided to make one.

“Long live the Evil Queen.”

Colored pencil sketch of Lana Parrilla as Regina Mills aka Evil Queen from Once Upon a Time.

Just completed yesterday. Hope you like it.


Check the slideshow for step-by-step pics.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Art – Menu will be updated shortly.

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