Life is (not) a Paragon

Life definitely is a great teacher but is it a paragon of something? No, and it will never be.

What’s a paragon? Something that excels in a particular quality. Can humans ever be paragons to something? Most of you will say yes.

Ok, now riddle me this…

We are born apprentice’s of something and die as apprentice of some other thing.

Human’s strive for excelling everything. If I excel in A then I want B. This can lead to me forgetting my knowledge of A. Even if I try, I can only excel truly in only one of the things.

This never happens because we want it all. In actual sense no one is ever a paragon, howsoever it may seem on the outside.

Because a cup of tea can either excel in being hot or excel in taste, not both.

Just a silly random thought.

Have a Nice Day, 🙂


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