Creating Minions

When I saw today’s prompt, I knew what I had to post. A couple of days ago I posted my first art post featuring a colored pencil portrait of Lana Parrilla as Evil Queen.

Have you heard of something called tesselations? I knew about it before but I didn’t know hwo to make one of my own. There are hundreds of ways of making it and we were taught all in my first semester of design college.

Basically tesselations is when one single shape is repeated indefinitely in all directions making an infinite pattern with no ends. The shape is such that it can fit into itself from any direction, thereby creating a infinite pattern. Very basic example is square tiles…. they are tessellations of square shape.

Now using one of the methods I decided to create some character tessellations…. Here is one featuring a minnions tesselation I created using a manipulated square. I have created a Tom and jerry, Winnie the pooh and angry birds tessellation too. I’ll post them soon too.

Oh btw this is entirely hand made. Every single thing is hand made.

1 New Doc 3_2.jpg

All Copyright – ©TheKayasthaJournal – 2017


11 thoughts on “Creating Minions

  1. Minions! Many Many Minions! Another great piece of art, Silas! When I saw this I just broke out into the biggest grin. Your ability to reproduce the various ones so perfectly by hand is amazing! I vote for your next project to be a portrait of Noddy.

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