Bottle decor – DIY #1

Could the prompts have gotten any better? I mean first it was create and I got to post my tessellations and now its Bottle. Its like destiny is knocking at my door saying “Silas post about your Bottle decor now!” haha.

Well so in some of my previous posts I talked about how I’m recycling some old alcohol bottles into good decorative pieces like lamps/showpieces/etc.

When recycling bottles you can’t really do much about their shape coz its glass and can break, unless you are going for that kind of design. How will it look though? But then you do see some bottles which are cut from bottom or diagonally and stuff…. this requires professional expertise. When it’s DIY I dont think you should consider professional hand otherwise it wont be DIY. So these are some fairly simple ideas for using as decorative lamps.

Here is one of my very first bottle lamp. I used vodka and whiskey bottles to make this. Can be used as a corner lamp for decor purpose or also as a night light by switching on either of the bottles. However its very delicate because alcohol bottles are made of very brittle glass so make sure you don’t put them on some edge or if you have children or dogs in the house.

I used glass paints to paint them… it provides a transparent sheet over glass which changes the color of light coming through giving some very vibrant effects.

2 IMG20160515210451.jpg

These set of decor bottles I created for christmas. I’m not a christian and don’t really celebrate christmas but ya I do love it and love making DIY stuff for it. I created many more other stuff. I would soon post them too.

About these bottles, use them either the way they are or maybe light them up by putting green lights inside or yellow. The only 2 colors that would look good in these green bottles. I’ve used acrylic paint to paint them.

1 15540783_577938332409533_3840532691509968354_o

Also these aren’t only ones, there will be more stuff coming soon.

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