My first driver’s test

Good morning to half and good evening to other half of the world. Hope you’re having a nice day. Well yesterday I had my very first drivers test, not official but with my dad.

I finished my 15 day driving course a week ago. My dad was in Italy so my mom wanted me to wait for him. She wanted me to drive with dad first before I hit the road and then drivers test for license. Anyways, so yesterday I hit the car for the first time. It was more intimidating than the first time I hit that trainers car, more because now I knew that I only have all the controls of the car. In trainee car they have 2 sets of accelarator brake and clutch…. One is with the trainee and one with the trainer. So if one makes a mistake then he takes over. But here I had it all, so I had goosebumps all over me.

I have a Maruti Suzuki Alto. So I sat in the car and I froze. I had my hands on the steering wheel and they were frozen. After 10 deep breaths I hit the keys and started the car.

Oh My god…. The sound of the engine running is so scary. My forehead was sweating. My dad advised me not to start AC coz then its a tad bit difficult to drive and especially for a newbie like me…. Like new newbie like me. Anyways so I hit the clutch took the first gear. I hate gears….they’re complicated. I love auto gear changing cars. I’ll buy that one only when I do. So I started releasing the clutch and slowly touched the accelarator. But I guess I pressed it tad bit hard and the car made sounds like “zoooom zoooooooom” like F1 racing cars. I took my leg away. Again I started releasing the clutch and just touched accelarator. The wheels started moving and so did the car. It was vibrating like hell. I released clutch too early. So I pressed it again, then car got slow….so again I repeated the set.

So now we’re moving. Very slowly…. I barely hit 15 kmph. After a few metres I had to take a turn…. It was successful but then after the 2nd turn…. On the third there was an audi right in front of me. Now about these big car owners…. For some reason they think just because they own an audi or bmw they own the road. So I froze and hit the brake hard and car stopped.

Surprisingly that audi driver was good or maybe he figured such a dodo driver thus alto guy is, whatever, well he decided to reverse the car a bit and give me a way. So I started the car again and I was able to make the car move on the first go. Yay I was so relieved.

Finally after 15 mins we reached back home. It was a successful venture. Now I’m going right now too. So lets see what happens.


19 thoughts on “My first driver’s test

  1. Haha so nice. I also just recently have a fright with driving. eventually you would get the hang of it, and get used to it. Really nice that you share your experience with the readers. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

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  2. Haha good luck! I took my driver’s test here in America when I was 20. Took two years to be comfortable driving on my own in a manual. LOTS of stalling and I didn’t have a trainer car like you did. You’ll be fine! And once you’re confident you’ll reconsider switching to an automatic maybe!

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    1. OMG without a trainer. Must have been hard. I mean here I was not worried if I’d accidently press accelarator instead of brake coz I knew the trainer would take care. haha!
      Well ya I guess I might reconsider automatic once I’m comfortable. Lets hope Hahah!

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      1. I stalled in the middle of an intersection once and I was mortified. I also, almost crashed into my mom’s garage along with a whole host of other incidents, lol. I know the tests in America are different than the rest of the world but I passed the written portion and failed the driving portion the first time. We have this cone setup where you have to drive forward and in reverse and if you knock a cone over you fail. I knocked a cone over but the second time I ran a portion of the cone over but it didn’t fall so I passed by the skin of my teeth. I’ve gotten A WHOLE LOT better since then hahahaha

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        1. We also have a written test first for learners license and then for proper license there is a drivers test. That cone thingy happens here too. I have no idea how I’m gonna perform. But on the plus side I havent hit the car anywhere till now. Even on myy first day, though I drove at 5kmph but didnt hit anyone or anything. Hahaha!

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  3. Yay! You’ll get better every time you go out, Silas! It’s hard learning on a manual drive. I did but then I failed my first test. I was going a bit too fast, the green light was staying green, staying green, and then at the last second, yellow. I was going too fast to stop. but the tester said it was immediate fail for going through a yellow light.
    Took me 2 years to get up the nerve to do it again, but I used an automatic that time and passed! Yes!

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    1. Hhahaha! So automatic worked didn’t it. Well you know my trainer was so hard on me about rules…. If I’d try rushing through a green almost about to turn yellow, he would stop the car and tell me the rules and ask me to tell them again. Haha.

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  4. Silas, when I learned how to drive a standard (manual, non-automatic) Bill taught me by letting me get the feel of the clutch, brake, and accelerator in a big parking lot. That way I got good at clutching. I found it was great to get that experience before heading out into traffic. I had already learned to drive on an automatic, but I learned to love standards so much that I never drove anything else after that. I haven’t driven in the last three years because of epilepsy, but I really miss driving my standard cars. Keep with it, Silas. Practice in a parking lot during off hours. Choose a quiet street to practice on before you head out to the highway. My two cents for what they are worth. 😀

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    1. I would if I could. The only problem is there are no big grounds or quiet streets or parking spaces in proximity of my house. So I have to learn in traffic only. Now when I drove yesterday I was a tad bit better at clutching so yay for me. Hopefully in a week I can be ready for my drivers test. Haha.

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  5. Ugh driving.. Its so weird because I always get so nervous before I start driving literally to the point where you can see me shaking, but then I start driving and all is fine. So yeah, getting me in front of the wheel is hard, but once I start driving I am perfectly fine. I don’t even understand myself. 😂

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