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My 3 bundles of joy

Last to last november my mother and I were walking to the park for evening walk, at the intersection we came across 3 puppies wrapped in jute cloth in front of a house. At first we thought they were abandoned, but they weren’t. Their mother gave birth to them over there because the people in that house and their guard used to feed her. After like 4 days or so we also started getting a fistful of pedigree for them. We fed them every time we went for a walk.

After about 4 months, one fine day they followed us back to our home and since then haven’t left. They are Dolce, Gabbana and Ginni. First one is male and other 2, females. This year on 9-10th march Ginni gave birth to a litter of five, 2 males and 3 females. One male didn’t survive a day and one female just died a few weeks ago coz some maniac ran over her.

So we’re left with three puppies again, Jimmy, Rosie and Lily. They are 3 months old now and big doggo’s, apparently. Lily is the cutest and tiniest of them all. She is the most adorable one and most fond of us too. Every afternoon she cries in front of our gate to come inside so she could sleep behind the plants. So naturally we let her in, because of that we have to leave the small gate open so she could go out and come back in as she desires. Usually in the afternoon all three sleep in our house. Ever since the demise of the fourth pup, we are more careful and keep them in our house when there are loads of cars on the road. The adult dogs, well they’re adults now and they know we have 3 puppies so they’ve given us space. Dolce is now the king of the road behind our house, Gabbana is queen of the road behind the park and Ginni, as of now she’s around our house because of her children. She does get very relaxed when we have them coz then she can go out and play with other dogs. Currently she has been taken by SPCA, it’s an animal welfare society of India. Great people doing some wonderful work. They have taken her to sterilise her otherwise you know every year these dogs are ready for breeding.

Brown one is Rosie, black one on left is Lily and the one hiding behind is Jimmy

So every evening at around 5 the 3 musketeers come alive after a peaceful sleep in our garden and are ready for some naughtiness. Oh my if only I could tell you how naughty they are. All of them are trying to rip each others head off or ear off or something. Lily is the naughtiest of them all. If the other two are peacefully sleeping she will meddle in disturb them. But they are so adorable. It’s a super difficult task to feed each one of them individually coz give to one and all 3 jump in on it. So I hold two while mom puts out bowls of everyone.

I remember for the first one and half month we made a tiny shade for them in the outer garden. Check the pics in the slideshow, they are really cute.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We are leaving this sector in a few months, uh I wish I could take them but with Noddy’s current condition its difficult for us to get any more dog.



5 thoughts on “My 3 bundles of joy”

    1. Oh you have no idea how willing I am to do that. I want nothing more than these cuties getting a decent home to live. But only if I could mail them. Haha. U mind dropping by here at India for few days? haha!

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  1. Silas, somehow you must find another home or garden for them. Can they live in your new garden? They will be devastated when you move. I wish I could take them, too. It would mean a divorce, but I can’t stand the thought of an animal in distress. Can the SPCA take them as a last resort? I know you will do what you can and I wish I was there to help you.

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    1. Yes Linda its quiet a conundrum. They are stray breeds and no one here wants to adopt them. So its quiet difficult for us to find a home for them.
      About SPCA, ya they can take them but then theres a tiny issue. Spca doesnt keep dogs for long after a while they put them up for adoption, ansd as a fellow dog owner you know how attached dogs get to other dogs they are living with. So its gonna be difficult for them. As for now we are giving them more independence so they can find a place for themselves around here plus Few of the people around really love them and feed them too. So I guess they’ll be more comfortable loving around their family.

      But still we’re leaving no stone unturned to find them a place.

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