Evil Eye for an Atheist

Often when things are not going good for a long time, or some bad thing happened all of a sudden, people say the evil eye has struck.

In India especially you will come across this a lot. We call it “buri nazar“. Its a sort of a malevolent glare, given to people when they are unaware. Now usually its not supposed to be evil. In our culture it’s believed that when someone is praised by many people, maybe for some achievement or quality/hobby , he/she is prone to evil eye. Maybe out of sheer jealousy of someones achievments or some quality.

Now I’m a big atheist, when it comes to god/spirits/prayer/myth/believes, I just leer away from such people, although I do enjoy such conversations because deep down in my mind I laugh at the person speaking. I don’t believe in things I don’t see, however this is a very ironic statement coz after every time I watch a horror movie I seem to see the demon/ghost of that movie in my house, but ya I know it’s my imagination, still I get petrified. I’m a science student. Unless until god will himself come and stand in front of me and show some magic trick so he/she can qualify as one, maybe then also I won’t believe coz we have a lot of tricksters in this human race.

But, there’s this one thing that I have started to believe in and maybe you readers will too when you read more of the post.

So ‘buri nazar’ is something really famous in India. Yea I used to word famous. There are a lot of things people do to save themselves from it. I’m not gonna discuss all except for one which just works… Even though my dad… A rigid science person like him, also believes in this. In india we have a term ‘totka’ for this kind of stuff. So in typical hindi language if I may put it….its the most effective totka.

So I’ll walk you guys through this totka. So a wick is made out of a cotton roll and is dipped in mustard oil. This is then taken to the affected person and moved 7 times anti clockwise around the head of the person. Later its taken to a drain area in the house, preferably kitchen, and its hung over the ground and the lit using a matchstick. The intensity of the flame and the dripping sound indicate the presence and strength of evil eye. Once the entire thing catches fire its dropped and crushed by the slippers and a dab of the black residue is taken and put on the forehead of the person. If there is no dripping and cotton burns soundlessly then there is no evil eye.

Now you might be thinking we are lunatics but trust me, this is crazy…. A few years back my dog was very sick…he got tick fever, my mom performed this… The cotton roll did not catch fire for first 5 mins and when it did…. It started dripping with a very strange noise. Then few years back my dog was again not well….my mom tried again and guess what… The cotton burned with no noise and no fireballs. Now recently my dog has got a severe attack of arthritis, my mom did the totka again a few days back….and it took a whole lot of time to catch fire and created crazy noise. Its strange because its the same items used everytime in same proportion and same environment yet the results are different everytime.

I have a white labrador and a real good looking dog… And he’s super prone to evil eye, I believe it now because this has happened so many times… Everytime some stranger appreciates him….something happens to him. So now as a preventive thing we put a “kala teeka” on him, its basically a line of black liner in the middle of the forehead. Its also one of the totka’s to save someone from evil eye.

Different countries have different ways of saving or treating someone who has caught evil eye. What are yours? Do drop them in the comment section below.

9 thoughts on “Evil Eye for an Atheist

  1. That’s pretty intense. The only thing I know of is people waving sage around to cleanse and purify an area they think is haunted by ghosts. So is your dog okay after each time you do the buri nazar?

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    1. Thats a very subjective thing because ya he does pretty better after the thing but then there’s also science of meds behind it. So not really sure if its okay to say he gets better because of the totka. But ya that entire process really terrifies me because it has different results everytime.

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  2. As someone who holds science dear to her heart, I looked at this with a bit of skepticism. Then I realized all of the things that I do because my Mom had an Old Wives’ Tale about them. Put salt over your left shoulder if you spill some. Don’t break a mirror or you’ll have bad luck! Knock on wood that doesn’t happen! It’s good luck to see a load of hay coming in the opposite direction. I have that one figured out though, it’s MUCH better to meet it than be behind it! Anyhow, no matter how much I believe in science and tend toward agnosticism, but I am struck by one thing. Five hundred years ago they didn’t know about bacteria and viruses and all the things that we can only see under a microscope. What’s to say that we won’t discover things that uphold some of these things superstitions in the future? I really like your ways of dealing with evil eye. I think I want a kala teeka for Walter. But would it work on a black dog? Walter is prone to everything and needs all the help he can get!

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    1. Ya I guess you can put kala teeka but it won’t really be visible coz he’s black, not being racist or anything. haha.
      And yes I do agree that one day we might discover stuff that may uphold superstitions, who knows?
      I guess you should try the nimbu-mirchi totka, it may protect your entire household from evil eye. Take one lemon and 7 green chillies and hang them on any door or window. Sounds but I guess you can try.

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      1. It’s funny, this sounds like voodoo. I won’t knock that though. A friend from Cuba knew we had some bad neighbors at camp and he came up and did his Santeria rituals. These people had lived there for three generations and I knew there was no getting rid of them. But then a couple of years went by and out of the blue they bought a place elsewhere and poof, they were gone! There was probably no connection, but I’ve always wondered…

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