A Wasted Life

Reflecting upon a very common situation amongst teenagers all around to world. Please dont waste your life by ending it, your parent’s did not work that hard to attend their child’s funeral.

Maybe not for you but for your parents, dont commit suicide.

“A life of 17 years
Ended with everyone in tears
Why did you do it
What did you achieve in it
All the trouble your parents went through
To give you a good life
Your mother quiet job
To take care of you
Your father worked till midnight
To save money for your college
Your father dreamt of walking you down the aisle
Your mom saved that diamond pendant
For her daughter would wear
Something borrowed
But what have you done
Walls lit by the blue red sirens
In this room
Now full of blood soaked water
Your body floating
Silent still
That once danced beautifully
Eyes wide open
They said you got them from your mom
Blood rushing out of your hands
That once created majestic portraits
Without even a letter
Or a last good bye
What have you done
When you could have talked
Someone would have helped
Was this the only way
Leaving your parents all alone
You get one life
Dont waste it
On committing suicide.”

Copyright – ©TheKayasthaJournal – 2017

7 thoughts on “A Wasted Life

  1. very nicely written, thank you for showing the feelings of the parents to an incident of losing their beloved child. Always approach some one in the family who you would feel as the non judgmental person to help in situation you are not able to talk to your parents. By committing suicide, don’t punish them for life.

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    1. I agree. Even if you are not feeling okay to talk to family approach your friends, infact just talk to someone instead of keeping things in mind and committing such tragedies.

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  2. Holy eff! This poem was amazing! You have an eloquent and beautiful writing, a short poem does tell much more. God…it’s honestly one of the best poems I’ve read throughout the WordPress community (coming from a poet myself). Glad you shared this, a very important subject that we must take in consideration. V good.

    © Benjamin Lessard – TheBenLessard

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  3. Very nice poetry. I love my parents and understand their feelings. This is a good message for those who don’t know about the hardships of their parents. I look forward for your future posts

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