Weekly Photo Challenge – Transient

This weeks photo challenge says to post something that depict impermanency. A few years ago I went to Dalhousie-Khajjiar, a beautiful hill station. It is a very green hill station and very big too, I mean if you compare it to one like Nainital.

So there are lot of hiking opportunitites over there, you can hike upto kalatop, which in literal sense means “Black Peak”. Kalatop is an interesting place, its where the movie Lootera was shot. There is a small cabin which is locked up now for security reasons although you can stay there for one night. It snows heavily over there. On the top of kalatop is a small refreshment area where you can fill up your tummies after a long hike. Its also said that the cabin over there is haunted.

Anyhoo so I was going through the photos and I found some for this weeks photo challenge. Hope you like them.


This is a similar flower I managed to capture when I was in Musoorie. In case you wanna see my travel diaries, select Travel Blog in my Category section.


This image I clicked in my home. There was this strange insects on a young mango tree and I’m terrified of insects, specially bees and lizards. So out of curiosity I zoomed in with my camera… I couldn’t zoom beyond this coz I was way to far and it exceeded the limit. Anyhoo I clicked at the right time coz just after this shot was taken this bee fleed from there. Haha I guess I got lucky.

5 IMG_4531

All Image Copyright – ©TheKayasthaJournal – 2017

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Transient

    1. Hehe they look good only in pic. They are horrifyingly creepy in real life. A bee almost run over me while I was clicking the last one thats why I stood so far. heheh xD

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        1. Yikes! Hope it wasn’t bad. I have never been stung though but my dad has been, and it was horrific so I stay away. Plus my mom is obsessed with flowers so you’ll find an awful lot of those here. :/

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