That day at the Chinese restaurant.

Imagine you are at a chinese restaurant, with your family. You surfed the net and practised holding chopsticks so you could fit in better in that environment. You googled the etiquettes of being in a chinese restaurant, found tags to put on social media, thought of how you’re gonna click pics of the food that arrives and post it on insta being like “Tryna be a food blogger #food #foodporn #foodlove…. etc”. You found a perfect dress for the dinner and styled yourself, spread the word among your friends.

Your parents on other hand just watched you doing all this, and in the last moment just grabbed the first thing they saw, wore it and went along to the restaurant.

You now have to food in front of you, you take out your iPhone 6 click pics, paste the tags and voila, 10 posts about your dinner. While your parents are eating the food and you only took one bite only to get the shot with the chopstick. You cringe on seeing your parents and how backward they’re being while your parents cringed at you coz instead of enjoying the expensive and delicious food in front of you, you are busy competing on the social media.

Just saying.

Have a nice day. 🙂


3 thoughts on “That day at the Chinese restaurant.

  1. I’d be in whatever clothes I was wearing at the time asking the owners what their most fun and unusual vegetarian dishes might be. Hey, I might love my phone and I might dress up rarely, but there is food involved here! Good food!

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