Wheel of Life – A Poem

“Opening eyes for the first time
It was the beginning of a lifetime
A few months in existence
Colors started coming from a distance

A year went by
And they were relieved with a sigh
It was the first voice – Dada
Everyone was rejoiced

Entering the teenage now
So grown up is thou
“I want to be a Fashion Designer”
Said the 14 year old minor

                                         At 18, he bid adieu to school for his pursuit                                         And entered the best institute
4 years have passed and came forth the dawn
They ask – Where has the time gone?
When he murmured his first words
Is now set to fly high like birds

Hits the age of 30
Happily married and loaded with duty
2 years before 50
His daughter so pretty
I wanna be a model- she said
Be whatever you want-he said

Entering his senior years
Eyesight a tad bit weared
A man of thick skin
Full of warmth for his kin

He is 80 
Alone in this big city
In a lavish beachside house but no one to share
Moving by himself in a wheelchair

His daughter came with her second child 
On his face came a faint smile 
coming running to him
Saying “Dada”

His childhood flashed in his mind
He wanted the life tape to rewind
Went with his daughter and left behind
Selling the life that he designed

Its time 
                                                   For the wheel of his lifetime                                                    to end with an eerie sound of a windchime
He lied down in his room
Memories flashing back with a boom

Closing eyes for the last time
It was the end of a beautiful lifetime
Beautiful years in existence
Colors faded from a distance.”

Copyright – ©TheKayasthaJournal – 2017

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