Cool is the new sun

Well its a not so sunny morning out here. Clouds have invaded and its predicted that are gonna keep themselves put till sunday. Its a good change from the scorching heat of the past few days, everyone sweat like pigs.

Now talking about this expression, pigs don’t really sweat much, then what does this mean. I looked and found that pig here refers to pig iron. When pig iron is originally created from iron ore, its heated up to extreme temperatures before it’s put into the mould. Once in the mould, its allowed to cool before it’s taken out. How does the smelter know it’s cool? Thats the origin of this expression, as “pig” “sweats” i.e air around it forms droplets on surface of iron, it means it’s cool enough… hence “sweating like a pig”. Pretty interesting I must say.

Anyhoo, I drifted off the topic much, so it rained tiny bit, in the morning… now that I think of it, it actually drizzled, swept the dust off the leaves. Garden is greener than usual with tiny droplets of water on the leaves. A cool breeze can be felt outside. Its a cool morning out here.

How is your morning? 🙂

Have a Nice Day.


6 thoughts on “Cool is the new sun

  1. Haha! Nice idiom Silas! Fits right in with my post! I never know the origins of that phrase either so thank you for enlightening me today. 😀

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