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My 3 bundles of joy

Last to last november my mother and I were walking to the park for evening walk, at the intersection we came across 3 puppies wrapped in jute cloth in front of a house. At first we thought they were abandoned, but they weren't. Their mother gave birth to them over there because the people in… Continue reading My 3 bundles of joy

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Photo Challenge – Focus

One of my most integral part of blogging is the photography section. I'm not a pro or a student or anythig, it's just a hobby. My dad has always been after me to post my photographs somewhere because they're good. So I guess one of the reasons for me to start a blog was to… Continue reading Photo Challenge – Focus

Daily Prompts, My crazy life situations

My first driver’s test

Good morning to half and good evening to other half of the world. Hope you're having a nice day. Well yesterday I had my very first drivers test, not official but with my dad. I finished my 15 day driving course a week ago. My dad was in Italy so my mom wanted me to… Continue reading My first driver’s test

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Bottle decor – DIY #1

Could the prompts have gotten any better? I mean first it was create and I got to post my tessellations and now its Bottle. Its like destiny is knocking at my door saying "Silas post about your Bottle decor now!" haha. Well so in some of my previous posts I talked about how I'm recycling… Continue reading Bottle decor – DIY #1

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The Entertainer Blogger Award

Here is another award I got nominated for. Thank you so much Joe-Ann at inspirationpie. She is an avid admirer and showed keen interest in my art work and I really appreciate this, as an artist it really boosts up the morale when you get appreciated for your work, so thank you soo much for… Continue reading The Entertainer Blogger Award

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Creating Minions

When I saw today's prompt, I knew what I had to post. A couple of days ago I posted my first art post featuring a colored pencil portrait of Lana Parrilla as Evil Queen. Have you heard of something called tesselations? I knew about it before but I didn't know hwo to make one of… Continue reading Creating Minions

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Life is (not) a Paragon

Life definitely is a great teacher but is it a paragon of something? No, and it will never be. What's a paragon? Something that excels in a particular quality. Can humans ever be paragons to something? Most of you will say yes. Ok, now riddle me this... We are born apprentice's of something and die… Continue reading Life is (not) a Paragon

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Pencil Color Portrait #1

Hey everyone. Hope you all are doing great. This marks my 101st post on wordpress, so now I feel I should introduce one more side of my life and that is art. I've been sketching and painting since a young age. I have made 6 oil paintings, many sketches of celebrities (black and white). Recently… Continue reading Pencil Color Portrait #1

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Surfaces #2

Well a few weeks ago I shared my first post on the theme Surfaces. I posted about various random stuff captured in a way that it can represent a surface. This series of surfaces is a little different than usual as you will see how I capture totally random stuff as surfaces. Whats a surface… Continue reading Surfaces #2

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The times my hair said no…

I know the post title can be very misleading, but it's true. I have humongous amount of hair on my head with a volume greater than entire pacific ocean. There are so many things I wanna do but wait there are my hair with large posters saying "YOU CAN'T, STOP, NO," I'm a guy with… Continue reading The times my hair said no…


Stood the Mighty Arch…

During the last module of my foundation year, we were divided into groups and given an area for research where later we had to propose a design intervention. My group was assigned India Gate. For those oblivious, read about India Gate here: -http://www.culturalindia.net/monuments/india-gate.html It was indeed a great experience, reflecting upon that, I wrote a… Continue reading Stood the Mighty Arch…

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Revelation of Mind

"Standing by his side everyday My existence went unnoticed So many thoughts so many things to say But I cant remember the last time we kissed Its too late now And its time for my revelation Time for the dark secrets to reveal for the truth to be spoken. for me - his conscience To… Continue reading Revelation of Mind