What happens when you die?

What is our entire life is a passage to something bigger and more expensive, who knows what happens when we die. We might just be passengers not for this life but for something else. This is my theory. What’s your’s?

Its darkness everywhere

You slowly open your eyes

And in a minute you just relive your entire life

Living all those moments again 

You are there but no longer there

You blink and it’s all lost in eternity

You start walking and see a small light 

Shining bright in this obscure light

You walk slowly but light widens quickly

Rushes towards you

And you are lost

In an endless tornado of white dust

Feeling anger, joy, excitement and lust

Feeling sleepy yet again

You fall asleep in a matter of seconds

Only to wake up yet again

In your own room

At your favorite age

In your favorite time of life

With your loved ones

Who were lost once.

A new life awaits

That is heaven my dear.

Copyright – ©TheKayasthaJournal2017


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