Final Scream

So I was just listening to Loved me back to life by Celine. It’s about a coma patient who wakes up in response to their partener’s true love. This song is just epic and the way Celine has sung it, makes it even amazing. That song really got me thinking about how terrible coma can be, and what does a person feel when he’s in one?, and there I penned down some words. Hope you like it.

“Trying to run away from his destiny,

This gave rise to a mutiny,

Between Life and Death,

Running with his last breath,

All his efforts to dash,

Were turned into powdered ash,

There was no escape,

His mind was being scraped,

Trapped forever in this tenebrosity,

Coma won with sheer audacity.”

Copyright – ©TheKayasthaJournal


8 thoughts on “Final Scream

  1. OMG! Your poems are beautiful as always.
    And it must be true,, coma patients feel as if they’re lost in there own minds and its a battle between the soul and the mind to come back to life. Its sheer will power that gives them the strength to return. Even I’d like to write a lot about this if its alright.

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