My gag nervous response

You know that moment when you get nervous022826779931a2137de540edd8669574--who-am-i-the-who and your nervous system starts acting. Scientifically known as a nervous response. I have some really strange ones. Most obvious being my constant movement of my hands. Just can’t stay still. One of the reasons I bought myself a fidget spinner. Hehe lol. Oh and constant walking. If you know me personally you’ll realise how less I sit or even stand at one place.

I remember every evening when dad comes home from office, we sit outside for tea and snacks and talk. Its like a family meeting every day at 7:10 pm till 7:30 pm. My parents and my sister and my dog are quietly sitting in a circle and here I am revolving around them because I can’t stay still. It happens when I’m thinking about something I don’t want to but can’t stop, and so can’t my legs. Now my dad starts talking to me. He starts when I’m standing near the front gate and by the time he finishes his sentence I walked to the other side of garden and so he has to change his direction now. Then I start speaking…. I walk more speak less. AFter 5 minutes my dad gets frustrated and asks me to first sit down. Now I”m sitting down but my hands are fidgety. Where’s my fidgy? Thats the name I’ve given to my fidget spinner. I’m sitting and sitting and my hand went around my head and I start scratching, even though I don’t feel like. I wear a red band on my right hand, its a traditional thing, will get to that in some other post… so after scratching my head I start playing with the band. Now I take out my specs and start spinning it on my hand and try to balance it on my finger. Now everyone is irritated so they’re “Can you stay still for like a second?”

I stop. but I dont. I’m now fidgeting my braces with my tongue. See? I just can’t stay put, thats my gag response to stress. Thanx to fidgy it has gone down a bit because whenever I feel like touching/shaking/moving something, I start spinning fidgy. Lol its funny.

My other gag responses include, playing with my hair – tangling them to the extend that they can’t be untangled. (PS- I have hair long enough to be tangled), plucking my skin, then creating rashes, clicking my fingers, constantly touching my braces with my tongue, to name a few.

Many times I’ve had near death experiences because of my “Not able to stay still” problem. What are you gag responses to stress or nervousness? Hope you enjoyed the post.

Have a nice day. 🙂

4 thoughts on “My gag nervous response

    1. Once I was swinging on the railing on the balcony and my leg almost slipped, thats no. 1. I was swinging my hand and don’t know what happened I hit myself on the chin, it was hard, thats second. Wanna know more? xD

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