My poor poor tummy

Ahh hey everyone! Good morning and good evening. Well I had a really crazy day today. So hang on, I’ll walk you through. I’m in lucknow right now, its my hometown. Its the capital of Uttar Pradesh, my maternal grandparents live here, so we’re living in their house. I came in here yesterday morning. So my best friend lives here, I decided to catch up with him today.

We decided to meet up after 2 pm, (me implying after lunch, why did I mention this? Thats hat this all is about). For lunch grandpa created some amazing food, he’s a great cook. My tummy was full and tight and at like 2:30 I left for his house and reached by 2:50. I know I know I was late but… ah leave it. Anyhoo. I entered his house and I was bombared by his mother to have lunch. Yes. Lunch. And not any simple lunch…. a 3 course meal. Ahhh! I couldn’t refuse. So I just took a deep breath and ate it.

Ok now I couldn’t walk… My tummy was tight… full…overflowing…I couldn’t sit, I couldn’t walk. Ahhh, it was funny but I was about to puke. Wait it wasn’t over yet. At 5:30 exact, his mom made “Halwa”, its an Indian sweet, very heavy but delicious. And I had to eat it…but my tummy had settled a bit by then. So I had it. Then at 6 we went out for ice-cream and I forgot about the portions and soon I had a huge piece of Ice cream cone in my hand…which I had to eat because I PAID for it! It was some weird flavour which I hated but I had to eat it. Then my mom came to pick me up and then we went to my aunt’s place.

When i thought it was all over, my aunt was like, “Awww! The kiddo is here! Great I have some amazing snacks and ice cream for you.” Myyyy goodddd!!! Uuhhhhh! I was about to throw up but I faked a smile and nodded. I couldn’t refuse coz, A- She’s very elderly even to my mum, B- She enjoys when some kids come to her place because both her kids are married now.  Ahh so I just sat…again…. and so I started to eat… Smiling and eating on the outside… my stomach, on the inside, “Dude Stahp! How much! It’s been alot today!!!! Just Stahp”.


Oh and now the best part. I came home….and my uncle….brought….the best barbeque chicken…..and now I was definitely gonna puke….. Ahhh! Even now while I’m typing this post, my stomach is yelling at me from the inside.. “Dude! I know you can eat a lot but this is just another level.” I’m getting burps and hiccups real bad…. Sorry for mentioning this. 😦

But on a positive note… fat doesn’t put up on me. I eat all day and still I’m thin as stick. My love for food is tailor made.



8 thoughts on “My poor poor tummy

  1. Oh my goodness! I thought I was in trouble last night when I had a meal and ordered strawberry shortcake for dessert. When it came I was shocked. It was the size of four desserts! It was so good and so filling. I was bursting, but not like you were. You are right, you took this whole food thing to a new level! Also, I hate you for being stick-like after eating all of that. Ok, I don’t hate you, I love you, but I hate the fact that I’m not like that!

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