The last drop

“Running breathlessly
For its life
Running hopelessly
Against the strife

Skin all pale white
Running with supreme verve
Fierce teeth following for a bite
A spate of terror shook every nerve

Four fawns waiting eagerly
For their mother to arrive
Licking each other for love tenderly
Mother was running to survive

A powerful roar
Shook the entire jungle
The chase was finally ceased
Last few breaths were finally released

Lying still on the ground
The final drop fell on the glabella
And slowly down on the grass below
The last memories were the four

For someone an edible mass
Was brought forth
For few an unjust
Future was freshly brewed

Nature – as beautiful as it may seem
Is very prejudiced
For a similar thing
Might be an asset for one
but liability for other.”


One thought on “The last drop

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