Artful Saturday’s – Doodling

“Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world.” – Brene Brown

Doodling is one of the ways I channel my boredom to. Its just so relaxing and the best part, there are no rules!


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15 thoughts on “Artful Saturday’s – Doodling

    1. Hahahahha To be honest, yes. U did scare me. Actually I just removed Teen from my name coz of the 20 thing… Although I could have called it Diary of a crazy man… but then people would’ve thought I’m a lunatic. Lol… Is it bad? You don’t like it? Should I change it? back?

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      1. It’s just fine. I was worried what would happen when the 20 thing approached. When is the 20 thing happening, btw? Or has it and you were tricky and hiding it from us? I’m in a huggy mood today so you get a great big one!

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