My poor dormant blog

Hey everyone! Apologies coz my blog had been dormant for 2 days. I couldn’t post anything coz –

1- The internet lines were flooded because of heavy rains in my area, so I couldn’t go online.

2- My laptop was doing some crazy stuff, I thought there’s been a virus infestation so I called the service centre, they did some…. things… which fixed my laptop but an hour later, everything in my screen went black, so I panicked and called again. It all turned out to be a glitch effect and some other driver errors, so all’s well now. However, its still raining here, so I’m still not sure about my internet… I will schedule my posts anyhow.

I wasn’t able to see the reader too, not even via wordpress app coz internet and I dont have data connection my area coz some stupid old uncle got the tower removed so I can’t access data when I’m home. Wow, so many problems. Haha Lol. Anyhoo. Thank you for being patient and I’ll soon be posting now. 🙂


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