Tryna be a singer

Last week my sister found some old videos of mine, where I was… well… being a stupid kid. And my voice was of a baby, you could hardly distinguish my sister’s and my voice. Back then Hannah Montana was aired and I used to watch, pretty strange huhh?. Ayhoo, I used to sing along Miley Cyrus in my baby voice which, idk, might have seemed annoying back then but today as we look back to old times, its all memories, sweet memories. Anyways so now 10 yrs later, puberty didn’t come as a blessing, it broke my voice and it broke my voice. I now sound like a crow that has a twig stuck in its wind pipe and is struggling to get it out… thats how I sound now when I sing. (Un)Fortunately my love for singing hasn’t gone away, it still is active.


Its dreadful. Mostly for people around me. We are a family of four so the other three can’t leave the house but they sure threaten to kick me out if I continue singing. Even though I lack sense of music, harmony, and rhythm… I still love to sing. So now I close my room once a day, sing my heart out and then come out.

See easy way out… no more complains. Although I still wish I had a good voice. These memes are so true for me. *sigh*


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