Why I avoid crowded places

Honest Confession.

I hate crowded places. Be it open air or a crowded mall on weekend. There’s something about a crowd that annoys me, and that is odor. I don’t why but there is a very distinct odor that comes which makes me wanna vomit. Its like everyone drenched in sweat bathed in the same pool and its now evaporating. Thats why I always carry a spare deodrant with me, in case the odor is unbearable, I spray some on my wrist and inhale it. How long does it take to apply deodrant people? Just 1 second, literally.

Here, body odor is a big issue, specially among the lower class. They wear the heaviest of the clothes in this scorching heat, sweat like a pig and don’t use a deodrant. The reason I have stopped going to the open air market, especially in summers… its annoying and frustrating. I wonder, don’t they smell themselves? I mean I would die of asphyxiation if I get trapped with one of them in a closed room.

Now I can’t go and ask every single person for it, however, as a rule I carry a spare deo with me everywhere and re apply it every few hours because I know how body odor annoys me and so I don’t want people around me to have it, atleast.

Oh god, if I ever became president, first thing I’d do is the give away bundles of deodrants to some class of society.

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  1. Loooooooooool Silas you should spray the stinky people with your deodorant instead of your wrist. I hear you on this but I think it’s funny. I’m the type of person to tell people they stink. I might hurt your feelings but you gotta know! I had to do it once to an employee and she actually took it well.

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  2. And breath mints! I once had a boss who offered a breath mint to a fellow worker. She smiled at me and said: “If you are ever offered a breath mint, take it. It might be a kind way to tell you that your breath needs freshening.” I always thought that was excellent advice. I’m not sure it would work with your problem. I wonder if they offer single application deodorant packages? 🙂

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