5 Scientific Hindu Beliefs

Hey everyone. Today’s prompt gave me a chance to write about some of my culture’s traditions which have scientific importance. You might have seen in my previous posts that I’m a big atheist when it comes to believing in lunatic traditions, which are of course self explanatory. However these (the one’s mentioned here) don’t make the cut because now when I know the science behind them, I actually feel proud that I’m a part of this culture.

So well this post is for those who look forward to knowing about other cultures and I know one of my follower and best friend Linda would love this post.

  • In Hindu culture, people join both hands and greet each other, known as Namaskar. Joining the five fingers of both our hands ensure joining the tips of our fingers which are pressures points of eyes, ears and mind, helping us to retain the memory of the person longer. Also since no hand shaking or touching is involved so no germ transfer.


  • Hindu women wear toe rings. There’s a nerve that connects the second toe with the uterus and wearing a silver toe ring helps mainting the hormonal balance of the woman. It also absorbs polar energies from earth because silver is a very good conductor.


  • We start the meal with spicy and end with sweet. The significance of this eating practice is that while spicy things activate the digestive juices and acids and ensure that the digestion process goes on smoothly and efficiently, sweets or carbohydrates pulls down the digestive process. Hence, sweets were always recommended to be taken as a last item.


  • Sitting on the floor and eating. This tradition is not just about sitting on floor and eating, it is regarding sitting in the “Sukhasan” position and then eating. Sukhasan is the position we normally use for Yoga asanas. When you sit on the floor, you usually sit cross legged – In sukhasana or a half padmasana  (half lotus), which are poses that instantly bring a sense of calm and help in digestion, it is believed to automatically trigger the signals to your brain to prepare the stomach for digestion.


  • Don’t sleep with the head facing north. Earth is a giant magnet. When we sleep with head towards north, our body’s magnetic field become completely asymmetrical to the Earth’s Magnetic field. That cause problems related to blood pressure and our heart needs to work harder in order to overcome this asymmetry of Magnetic fields. Apart from this another reason is that Our body have significant amount of iron in our blood. When we sleep in this position, iron from the whole body starts to congregate in brain. This can cause headache, Alzheimer’s Disease, Cognitive Decline, Parkinson disease and brain degeneration.


There are a few more, which I would share in some other post. I don’t want to make the post too long because I know how a long post annoys me and I don’t want my readers to be bored.

13 thoughts on “5 Scientific Hindu Beliefs

  1. You are right! I LOVE this!!!! I had never heard of these before. I used to wear a silver toe ring and now maybe I should wear it again! I sleep with my head between north and north west. Hmmm, something to think about. As always, my dear dear friend, you have enlightened me. Double hugs tonight/today!!! ❤

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