Heya everyone! Well, I have some stuff to tell. My college has started, had the first session today, and it’s my second year loads of work and assignments. I fear I might not be that active, although I’ll be active on the reader and also try to post and/or schedule my posts but its not possible because my responses to promps are impromptu, ya. I won’t be inactive, just the number of posts might fluctuate.

Like today I have a ton of work, ugh these people gave home assignments the first day, how will I survive the next 5 months of the semester.

I have a ton of tags lined up, which I will soon post. My special days will remain as they were before, only my responses to prompts will decrease.

So sorry! Anyhoo, I’m off now, got ton of work.

Designing, huh? ain’t easy.

Have a nice day! 🙂

10 thoughts on “College!!!

  1. You are going to have a fabulous year and I know you will be sharing some outstanding fashion designs with us. You’re going to knock the socks off those professors! Go forth and conquer!!! We’ll be here when you get back. 😉

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