The Kennel trouble

Hey everyone! How are you all doing. Well I’m sitting here very cold. I know I’m the last person to complain about the weather being cold coz many of you live in temperatures below 0 degrees out there. This weather sure didn’t get me but it my dog. So Noddy started coughing real bad in the morning the day before, and it didn’t stop. So we called up his doc and she diagnosed him with Kennel Cough. So that’s the first I’ve heard of this.

So kennel, also called canine infectious tracheobronchitis, is a highly contagious respiratory disease. The dog basically coughs a lot. Its a dog version of human viral. There’s a lot of discomfort in the throat and the entire nasal passage. So Noddy had some intense coughs yesterday morning, and during every cough he used to exert himself to spit the cough out but nothing came out. The cough went on for about like 15 minutes. He wouldn’t stop, the poor lad. He’s officially an old lad now.

He had problems in speaking anything. He literally didn’t say anything for 2 days. We felt so bad for him coz he’s not used to it. He’s always barking around at silly things. Typical problems that we humans encounter during throat infection. He couldn’t sleep also, coz whenever he used to lie down, probably he got choked or something so he immediately gets up. We had to give him extra dose of Phenargan the first day, so he could sleep otherwise he was continuously coughing.


So as of today morning, he’s been doing really well. Touchwood! Although he’s still coughing, not often though. The doc said it would last 5 days. Although kennel lasts for about 3 weeks before it goes away completely.

So kennel is a very contagious disease. Later the week, two of my stray dogs were coughing and they also spit on the road something after every cough, so Noddy probably sniffed it and caught it. Then we weren’t aware of this, but now ever since noddy got it, we gave some minor medications to the ones outside too.


The lad is healthy as of today. He’s started barking a little too. So we are hoping that by tomorrow or day after he’ll be perfectly healthy again.


6 thoughts on “The Kennel trouble

  1. Kennel Cough is very common over here in the states thats why its required that all dogs and cats get the bordatella vaccine especially if you plan on boarding your dog while you’re gone or want it to play with other dogs in like a doggie daycare. It’s one of the vaccines puppies get on their first vet visit as well as like rabies and stuff. Glad Noddy is feeling better though and that you got it diagnosed pretty quickly 🙂

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    1. Oh wow I didnt know kennel was that common there. Its rarely known here. Its a great thing that puppies are well vaccinated against it at such an early stage. Thank you for sharing this Nel!😊

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  2. Poor Noddy! At least Kennel Cough is not serious. Once it has run its course, Noddy will be fine. Think of it as a canine cold. A lot of dogs don’t even need treatment for it. It’s good that you took him to the vet though. The same symptoms could be the start of canine flu and other nasty things. Here’s to good health Noddy! Levi and Walter send their love, but no slobbery kisses till you are better! ❤️ 🐾 ❤️ 🐾

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    1. Yes! Thats what we also say here thats its almost parallel to a cold. Even the dov said that usually medicine is not required but neither she nor we wanted to take chances coz noddy is old now. Dont know how much his body could bear. Thank you so much Linda! Flying kisses from Noddy for now! Haha! Give levi and Walt big hugs from me💕

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