Chaat for a King

A king size snack anyone?

No, I’m not talking about a whopper from burger king or a super big pizza. Today, I bring to you a very special and unique snack item called Raj Kachori. Kachori refers to a fried snack filled with various condiments inside. Its usually accompanied by a sweet tamarind chutney for the ones with sweet tooth, or a very super spicy green chutney for the ones who like a little zing. Raj kachori is a bigger bigger version of it. Don’t know where it gets the name from, probably it was eaten by the kings and queens of India, or don’t know. Lol. But who cares, as long as it tastes fantastic, you can give me anything. 😉

So India has one thing special which I have not seen in any other country, and its the chaat. Especially when you talk about chaat, theres only one place in India where you will find the BEST of it, and its Lucknow. Proudly its also my hometown. Lucknow has a very Nawabi influence in its cultures, many nawabs and descendants of mughal era settled there and so you can see the islamic influence oozing out of the architecture of Lucknow and its gorgeous. I’ll soon do a post on it. So, lucknow has a very traditional chaat. Its a typical Indian street food and believe it or not, every Indian has a taste for it.

So chaat includes a dozen of snack items, one of them in Raj Kachori. So what basically is it? Its a deep fried puffed dough, hollow on the inside. Like a ball… its broken on the top to create space and then its filled with many other ingredients such as, dried pulses, mashed potatoes, chickpeas, filled with yoghurt and tamarind sauce. Topped with some boondi.


So being a Lucknowite since childhood, I have had some amazing chaat and the ones I find in Delhi and Noida are very bad versions of the same. Its just that you cant beat the original creators of the same, even if you add beetroot to it. Ya, I once had chaat in Noida and they added beetroot in it. I had throw it all away. Anyways, so I found this kiosk in GIP mall in Noida and ordered myself a Raj kachori. My mom and I were out for shopping, I’m always ready for an outing for anything just give me some food to eat, so as usual mom ‘had’ to buy me something as my ‘price’ to come shopping. So thats when I got Raj Kachori. Oh and my mother and I are big eaters and try out every damn thing we see, so ya she doesn’t mind buying me food to bribe coz she also gets to eat it. Lol. So I got this one plate of Rajkachori, and it looked delicious. No beetroot! Yayyy! Oh and it’s served cold, if I forgot to mention. Many of you might be wondering, how to eat this big a meal. So u just have to break the puffed ball and simply eat it with a spoon. The crunchy crust of the ball, nicely compliments the soft delicious potatoes floating in yoghurt and tamarind. Now this was something good. And this is an entire meal for one person, because it may not look so big in the pic but it is pretty big.


So hope you enjoyed reading this. Any thoughts? Or views, do leave them in the comments down below. Have a nice day. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Chaat for a King

    1. Ch is pronounced same as Ch in chipotle, followed by aa, open your mouth and say “aa” and end with T. Lol I guess it might help. Haha. Well ya it definitely is a healthy snack because it has no extra spice or oil in it.

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