Bolivian Fuchsia

Hey everyone! Welcome to floral weekends. This is a segment of my blog where I write about some beautiful and strange flowers from all around the world.


So how are you all doing? I’m great here, and currently very excited because 2 days from now I’m going to Abudhabi and Dubai with my mom. Lol, so super psyched. haha. Anyhoo, for today’s floral weekend I thought of writing about fuchsia, I absolutely adore this species, and I did some research and here’s one of many which I found interesting. Its the Bolivian Fuchsia.

About 110 species of Fuchsia are known worldwide, and most of them are native to South America. Except for a few exceptions that bloom from North, through central to Mexico. Botanists of University of California have actually classified the species of fuchsia into 12 categories. Today I have Bolivian fuchsia here, which belongs to Section 3 of the classification.

Bolivian fuchsia, or Fuchsia  boliviana, is a speciea of fuchsia native to southern Peru, Bolivia and Nothern Argentina. Its an evergreen shrub that grows upto a height of 15 feet. It basically grows in cold temperatures, although not too cold like freezing cold. It can barely handle frost conditions, so keep it away from such places. Basically if you have a fuchsia in/near your place then you can grow this. So this Bolivian Fuchsia is a rare and exotic species of plants. It creates these hanging down big clusters of flowers, approx 4 inches long. Hanging freely. This blooms for over 6 months and then you can have some delicious fruits from this plant.


If you wish to buy this plant, you can here. A 4-inch pot size might cost you around 8.95 USD.

Well I am so entranced by the beauty of this flower. Its definitely an exotic piece. I wish I had a sapling of this.



7 thoughts on “Bolivian Fuchsia

    1. Jo-Ann I’ve been wondering where u’ve been! How’ve u been? I missed your blog these past months!! Gotta catch up!
      Oh ya the flower is so unique! And thank you so much!!

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