Abu Dhabi Diaries – #5 Dubai

(First things, I’m so sorry I’m missing out a day in between, I get so tired after toruing all day that I dont have time for blogging. Three continuous days I was out all day so no time at all. I’m so very sorry!)

Day 4 in Abu Dhabi. Second day of Dubai. We listed Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Burj al arab and Dubai water fountain for today.

We reached Dubai at about 10:30. It was a very foggy day so I was really scared whether Burj Khalifa would be visible. We first visited the Miracle Garden in Dubai. The entire garden is in a deserted land so its really a miracle to see such a green and colorful place.

Miracle Garden located in Dubailand, Dubai and features over 109 million flowers planted. The garden is open during november till february where you can witness some amazing colorfull flowers placed in a very creative setting. I clicked a lot of pics using my camera which I will post when I am back in India.

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After this colorful experience we decided to drive in front of Burj al Arab. For some super bad luck the moment we reached the curve which is like right in front of it, the entire building was covered in fog. Ahhhh! Whyyyyyyyyyy! Godd! Come on, its not everyday I will come to Dubai that you did this to me. So Burj Al Arab was gone forever. Didn’t see it. (crying)

We started heading towards Dubai Mall now. Now its connected to Burj Khalifa, so you get a clear view of it but guess what………


… (Super cry baby face right now)

We decided and entered Dubai Mall, hoping the sky will clear up soon so we could… click…. a…. pic. Indeed its world’s best mall. Its huge beyond our understanding. We roamed for about 2 hrs and never did we repeat a section. We’re walking and walking and walking and getting lost every second. Even after this we only saw like 10% of the mall?

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Maybe our stars shined? Burj Khalifa was visible finally. What a beauty it is! My goodness. Its different when it’s actually in front of you. You have to turn your head way back to see the top. Its ginormous! Its amazing! Its fantastic! My goodness!

Burj Khalifa - TKJ.jpg

While we were waiting for Fountain show, I started clicking some shots of the building. So here they are.

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So the first show started at 6:00 pm precise and later happened at every 30 mins. The first show is on an arabic song. The moment it started, a big grin covered my face. I couldn’t stop smiling. It was an amazing experience. Oh my! The way the water dances looks so close to actual belly dancers. Ahh! I didn’t want it to stop… It was OUTSTANDING. I wish I could upload a video here. But I can’t dammit!

Anyhoo, we planned to see only one show but ended up watching the second too because it was so good and I didn’t wanna goo. I dont want to leave this cityyy!! Pleeeeease.

Anyways, we didn’t wanna make it very late so we left at 7:15. It took us 30 mins to get out of Dubai Mall. Because crowd. Because too big.

So two days of Dubai all done. I am so happy I got to be in this amazing city. Burj Khalifa and fountain were out of the world. This city is gorgeous!

Stay tuned for more updates.


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