Abu dhabi #6

Today all the kids had plans for Ferrari world, while the mothers took rest. So we decided to leave erly otherwise it gets too crowded over there. We booked a taxi and left at 9:45 am.

Ferrari world is located in Yas Island, connected to Yas Mall. Its really huge and shaped like a ninja star with a huge ferrari logo on top. We reached there by 10:30 and there was already a big queue. When we reached the counter, seeing our card the man at the desk offered us a free upgrade to gold class ticket 25 AED higher than normal. So it costed us 315 AED instead of 535 AED. We got 4 gold tickets. Now that gave us a big headstart because we didnt have to wait in queue for rides and also we got 2 extra rides, 50 AED per person gift voucher and 50 AED per person food voucher.

So we first booked ourselves a GoKart challenge for 12:23 pm. Then we went straight to Worlds Fastest Roller Coaster – Formula Rossa. Now here’s a funny part, I have never been on a roller coaster (shame cloud) and now that I going on my first one, it IS the worlds fastest. 250 km/hr in 5 secs. Thanx to gold tickets we went straight ahead. I had to remove every loose items on me otherwise it would fly off, I had to wear a hideous big eye mask to protect my specs.

Now when I sat, I got the first seat, so I could see the entire track right in front of me. It started and went ahead to launch. 5 sec timer started and as soon as the last green light went off, it started. Oh my. The force of air that you feel. Its heavy, too much. Your mouth opens up because of force of air and when it ascends up and down, if there wouldnt have been a seat belt you would fly away and probably land in Australia. Its super Amazing and its veryyyyyy fast. Its like a rocket. It ends in like 40 secs. I was literally shocked for the first 5 secs when it ends. It took me 2-3 mins to stabilise myself. But I was so ready for next round.

We then went for a smaller roller coaster which was also fast. Of course its Ferrari World so even the slowest roller coaster is faster than any other. The third one we tried was Flying Aces. It has worlds biggest loop with 360 twist. It was also very fast but the tracl was more interesting than Formula Rossa. I mean ofcourse you cant have much turns and loops with that high speed.

Last one was a racing kind of a roller coaster with minimum loops and peaks, it was also nice.

So after these 4 amazing rides we decided to feed our bellies. We ordered some shawarma, fries and cola. Rested for 15 mins and then went for other rides and stuff in ferrari world.

Towards the end we decided to do the roller coasters one last time. So in the same sequence we went through all of them. At about 6:30 we were finally satisfied and meet up with our moms in Yas Mall and roamed for a while. But I couldnt because I was having immense Calf Pain.

We reached home by 8:30 and the pain intensified. I couldnt walk it was really bad. I had to take medicines. Two whole days of Dubai and this was too much on my poor legs. Lol.

This was perhaps the best day of the trip.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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