Abu Dhabi #7 Picnic at Corniche

Day 6 of my Abu Dhabi trip. We planned for Picnic at Corniche beach today.

After getting ready with our swimming trunks and packing all essentials for picnic we called two taxi’s and left for Corniche family beach by 10:30.

Corniche is located on the western side of Abu Dhabi main island. There has been some land reclaimation in corniche which has extended the island more towards the sea. A significant part of it has sand and so it has been beautified and converted into a family beach. We reached there around 11. The ticket is 10 AED for adults and 5 AED for children. We went inside and immediately ran towards the water while the mom’s sat and arranged the sheets and picnic baskets.

The water was little too cold so everyone was hesitant to go in. Me and one other guy were the first ones to dip inside while the other 3 girls decided to only dip till their knees. After like 15-20 mins we got out for some midtime snacks. We brought burgers, pasta, bunch of juices and cold drinks.

My cousin sister wanted to make a sand mermaid so I volunteered to make myself a sand merman. Lol. It was so fun. Being an artist guy I was frustrated to see what a weird piece of a merman is being created on me but when I did the same to one of my other cousin, it was perfection. Lol. (Self appreciation much?) Anyways, so this took a whopping amount of 2 hrs and after this we decided to have one last dip after which we’d shower and change back.

By 3 we were done and changed back to our normal clothes. After this me and my cousin went out for some sea shell hunting. Soon we were called back as we had to leave for home.

After reaching home we relaxed for a bit because for the evening we had plans to visit the Sheikh Zayed Mosque.

Stay tuned for next post on Grand Mosque.

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