Abu Dhabi #9

Two days left for my stay at Abu Dhabi. We covered almost entire Abu Dhabi and most of Dubai. Although we missed a few which we will get back to in the next round of trip. (if it happens)

Day 7 we had plans to visit Saadiyat Beach during the evening to witness the beautiful sunset and Abu Dhabi skyline. While coming to the beach we encountered a number of events that will probably stay with us and make us laugh for life time. We booked a taxi for 3:30 and 5 minutes prior to it the driver calls to inform us that she is reaching in 5 mins. 15 mins later she was lost around Khalifa park. Taxi finally made it at 3:50. The driver was very funny, constantly giggling and talking. She didn’t know the way to Saadiyat, now this was shocking because A- she is a taxi driver she should know, B- My aunt also didn’t know the way because she didn’t go there often. Anyways we decided to go with it, following the direction boards somehow.

By god’s grace we reached Saadiyat by 5:30. While I was buying tickets to the beach my aunt paid the driver off. The ticket price was 25 AED for adult and 15 AED for child. This was an expensive beach than Corniche. When we were fully inside the beach about to lay down our sheets on sand we realized that we left our beach bag in the taxi. WOW.


Why didn’t anyone check!?

So my aunt panicked and called the driver and turned out she was otw to Corniche with another customer so we asked her to come back once she drops them and we’ll pay her the amount of driving. Anyways, we decided to start enjoying the beach and not worry about the bag, it just had 2 towels and a blanket. We were getting a spectacular view of the sea and sunset. Me and my cousins were standing in water while our mothers were sitting, carefully watching our every move. Lol.


After saturating ourselves with the beautiful sunset view we went back home and rested. My last night here at Abu Dhabi.

Next day we didn’t have any plans because we checked out everything thing in Abu Dhabi. We decided to spend some of the remainng local currency and decided to shop at Dalma Mall. We had a return flight at 10:45 pm.

Overall I absolutely enjoyed my time here at Abu Dhabi. I wish I could’ve spent new years here but we wanted the whole family to be together for it. My favorite part of Abu Dhabi was perhaps Ferrari World and in Dubai was the Water fountain show. Absolutely breathtaking. I wish to visit this place soon again and do what I didn’t.

Its now time to be back in my own land and get back to life. I’m so thankful for these beautiful memories. Now its time to end this beautiful year!



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