Chocolate Cosmos

Hey everyone! Welcome to 2018’s first ‘Floral weekend’. If you also wanna be a part of this, pingback to my blog and use the tag #floralweekends. This way we can enjoy a number of beautiful flowers.


Since this is the first Floral Weekend, I was crazy surfing through the web to find that one flower that can be part of this then I remembered, in India its considered a good omen to begin anything with something sweet. So keeping that in mind, I thought what could be the sweetest thing to begin with but chocolate. So for this first weekend I bring to you Chocolate Cosmos, a sweet chocolate smelling flower.


So Cosmos atrosanguineus, the chocolate cosmos, is species of cosmos native to Mexico, where sadly it has been declared extinct in the world for over 100 years. There is only one example of this unique, maroon flower in existence today, a clone grown by scientists using a technique called vegetative propagation. The chocolate cosmos named so because of the chocolate like scent it gives when the flower blooms.

The chocolate cosmos flowers have dark maroon colored petals, velvetty on texture. the centre of the flower has a big cluster like appearance which opens up like cosmos. Even after opening it maintains the cluster in the centre. The color of the petals vary from dark red to almost black. They are very easy to grow and make wonderful cut flowers. To absolutely enjoy their sweet scent you can grow them in a container, that way you can also enjoy the aesthetics of the flower. Chocolate cosmos is infertile in itself and so it has to be propogated using vegetative methods.


WHo wouldn’t want to have this flower at their homes. The best part, it is perennial, so you dont have to replace it. If you wish to buy one you can buy here.

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