The Worst Hair Day

Did any one juju my good hair that this had to happen!


I have college TOMORROW!!!

So a big tragedy happened like an hour ago. I asked my dad to trim my hair a tad bit. Lemme mention again “tad bit”. And my Satan’s grace… He made a bald patch at the back of my head!


Now I legit started panicking because OBVIOUSLY I can’t go to college tomorrow looking like this from the back. Luckily the nearby hair salon was still open. Instead of an appointment, Dad n I rushed there. It’s only 10 mins away from my home. I had to cover my head using a beanie.

I got there in the salon and when I sat on the chair and pulled my beanie, the barber almost burst into laughter. Oh my God so embarrassing! But I also laughed out the situation because it WAS funny. Anyways so thankfully he gave a very assuring look and said “I can fix this” Oh he was an angel sent from heaven. XD

After some tense 30 mins I finally had a look and there it was done to perfection! Yayy finally I can show my face at college tomorrow! YES!

Finally I look human!

6 thoughts on “The Worst Hair Day

    1. Why Mel!! Already being in a fashion college is challenge because people judge you. And there I will walk the corridor with bald back. 😂😂😂 NOOOOOOOO


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