No Junk Food for 1 Month

Yes you read that right.

I have been officially banned from Junk Food, Oily food and ….. umm… Cold Drinks.

I have had acne problem for over 3 years. I always thought it was because of, obviously, hormonal changes in the body. But now the acne and pimples had spread on my back and head, so checking in with a Dermatologist was my last resort.

So I went to a Skin clinic today. The doc asked me all sorts of questions about my diet, junk food habits, sports (Ha. Ha.), creams that I use, face wash, shampoo’s, etc. She clearly stopped it all. She was like “Just stop experimenting with cosmetic products now, it will do nothing but harm you.”

Now I have a very weird skin type. I have oily skin but then I get dandruff during winters, which magically disappear in summers. So after her diagnosis, here’s what I am officially banned from – Junk food, street food only once a week, Pickles, cheese, oil based stuff and Cold drinks until the medicines are on, and even after that.

Now that’s some wonderful news to begin with in 2018. :/


16 thoughts on “No Junk Food for 1 Month

  1. I used to go the dermatologist all the time. All kinds of skin issues and acne, especially on my back. I have the most sensitive combination skin. Oily in warmer months and dry scalp issues in colder seasons. I avoid fragrance and perfumes. And I don’t use primers, foundations or setting powders. And I usually try to sip an apple cider vinegar tonic every once in a while and exfoliate twice a week. These seem to help me. I also find my whole food diet goes a long way as well. I really wish you best of luck for this month! Hopefully you see some positive change with these changes!

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    1. Hi! I have a very similar skin type that you have mentioned. In fact exactly similar skin type. I experimented with a lot of anti acne creams/scrubs/face wash but none of them helped. I am really astonished by what you do every week. Wow!

      Thank you so much for your wishes! Its going to be really hard for me to let go of some stuff but I have spent a lot for this treatment so I am determined now. Lets hope for the best!

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      1. It sounds like it’s very similar though. And same here! I’ve done a lot of experimenting with different creams. Elidel as a cream to treat before going to bed helps. And then Cerave as a moisturizer/lotion also has worked for me . I use Noxema for my face since it’s one of the few face cleansers that cools my face and doesn’t make my skin burn and break out. I don’t know if you’ve tried all of these things before – you might have. A healthy diet for sure goes a long way.

        I wish you the best of luck in working to clear up your skin. Do what’s best for you. Don’t feel that you have to make all the radical changes at once. Make it work for you, and persevere! I have faith that you can do it!

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        1. My doc has prescribed me some medicated creams and shampoos to apply. 2 of them are to apply early morning and before bed. One is for marks on face. Other than this she has prescribed me healthy diet, eat 2 fruits every day and go for exercise.

          Thank you so much for your support. Means a lot! 😄

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          1. It’s definitely a change and a new routine to contend with but I think it will help. I’m happy to lend the support! Sending good thoughts and positivity for your journey!

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    1. Its disheartening to imagine what all I have to like totally give up for 1 month. No if or but. I will have to work as she says coz she was really confident with her words so I trust her on it.


          1. Oh darn it! I guess food is the main cause. I see everyone with this problem has to cut down on some stuff. Ahh! Well lets see in a month now.

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          2. No I don’t mean to cut oil and cheese entirely but you can cut it down a little bit. Include raw vegetables and salads in your meals, and exercise. trust me it’s a lot of work.

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          3. Yea. Even the doc was like, maybe just once a week I can have it all but not everyday. And exercise! She mentioned some basic exercise every day.

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