The Visitor – 2

( A continuation of my previously posted The Visitor )

We don’t know when we have fallen in love. We don’t even know who we have fallen in love with. Is it always a person or could be something else, some one else.


Oh look what a beautiful butterfly!

As I move to feel, it extinguishes in a blue mist of sparkles

Flowing through me

Stimulating my every nerves

Heightening my emotions

My eyes sparkling with that touch

Muscles surrendering to ectsasy

And then there it was

That touch – of a smooth pale pink skin

That fragrance of fresh roses

The feel of the hair draping on my chest

Soft fingers embracing my skin

I stand still silent but warm

Undulating in this gel of time

Someone was with me

I couldn’t see but I could feel

All of sudden I hear none

But a faint beating of heart

Coming closer, becoming clearer

Like that ticking of the clock

And I open my eyes….


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