Often I come across this news in Tv or social media, about owners abandoning their old dogs, because they couldn’t take care of him. They gave you happiness and joy for nothing, for so many years and when it’s time to pay the effort back, people do this. In a country like India, owning a dog is considered a status symbol or a toy with which their children can play with, especially among the richer class. Once the play is over, there’s no use of the dog. Lets be a little human here, you took a puppy away from his/her mother to use as a toy and then leave it out in the open. How insane can humans be. How about I leave your 8 yr old out in the jungle, coz “Ah he’s too irritating” or “She’s too stubborn”, and never come back. Even if they are dogs, they have a heart, they carve their love for you deep inside them and never erase it. If you own a dog, make sure you treat them like your real child, if not then spare him out in the open, they deserve better life than just being pawns for some child’s play. (Sorry if I got dragged a little bit. Being an avid canine lover and Official dog caretaker by Animal Welfare board of India, this topic just pisses me off)

Tropical Weather

“I opened my eyes into this world and I saw you

You were different than me

Bigger and sounded different

But I was loved by smaller versions of you

At nights I dreamt of being next to someone

like me but bigger, four paws and droopy ear

Furry skin, licking my body, cleaning me up

But I always woke up next to you

I grew up with your kids, we played

You showed me off in front of your friends

I was trained hard to fetch stuff for you

You liked it and it made me happy

So I did it often

Overjoyed whenever you came back home

I carved your love on my heart

deep in my veins, so I never forget you

I’m old now, I can’t fetch stuff for you

But I still try to make you happy

“Lets go for a ride champ!”

I cheered up, It was long since we had gone out

We jump off in a jungle where I walk through leaves

Reliving memories of childhood

There I hear the engine revving

You were leaving me behind

Perhaps you forgot me

I run behind the car but I couldn’t catch up

I was old now

Soon you disappeared in this

Ominous blanket of fog

I know you will come back for me

So I stay there waiting

It has been years, I’m still there

Hungry, alone and scared

Waiting for my owner.”


Be scared of them or love them but dont enslave them. They have hearts too, and they have more capability of love than humans.

If you wish to make a difference and would want to adopt a dog please adopt these abandoned ones, who are ruthlessly left to wander alone by their ex-owners.

https://www.dogspot.in/adoption/ For India

http://m.humanesociety.org/issues/adopt/ For USA

For people in other countries, if you have a known website please share here so I can add it in the list.

If you wish to make a donation you can here.



6 thoughts on “Abandonment.

  1. That’s such a touching topic. I’m an ardent dog lover. Grew up with dog around me. They are the best companion you can ever get. In my household my dog was given more fair treatment then all of us.

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  2. Preach Silas! It hurts my soul when is he those stories like here in the states where it’s frigid winter and people leave their dogs outside and they freeze to death. I just want to send them all to jail. Thanks for sharing this topic. I agree with everything you said and if I had a bazillion dollars, I’d rescue all the abandon dogs!

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