Design Thinking!

Hey everyone! How are you all doing. I’m great here. My college has started, its been a week, and I’m blogging! hahah! I am managing them both. Yay for me. Lol anyways, so getting back on track. This semester we have a module Visual Culture, in which we have 4 subjects – Research Methods, Visual presentation, Design Thinking and Contextual design, craft and trend study . This module requires us to prepare a visual diary of our journey of this semester. As one option we had blogging, so I was like why don’t I use my own blog instead of creating a new one where I will have no one to read my stuff.

I have added a separate menu on top Visual Culture, where all my posts related to this will be recorded. It will also be viewed by my faculty here in India.


So starting tomorrow, I will be posting twice or thrice a week the stuff I did in college and reflect upon them. You can even comment your thoughts about my work openly, whther you like it or dislike it. Hoping to have you all as my support systems throughout the journey. How about it? Will you be interested to know what I do in college?



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