Real Neat Blog Award

Wow, so I was going through my drafts, and found this unfinished piece from July 25th 2017. Thats like millennials ago haha. Sorry I totally forgot about this because of the break I took. So I was nominated by Vikki@The Mundane Teenage Life. Thank you so much for the nomination. So moving on to the award.


Vikki’s Questions-

  1. Which songs do you like to listen to when you’re reading or working?

I don’t like to listen to songs while working. Instead I play a season of Modern Family and work. I have seen the series like literally 12 times so I know every bit and detail of dialogue or actions that the characters are doing.


2. What three words describe you best?

I don’t know, its kind of a self appraising question which I am not really good at. I guess Crazy, Creative and Foodie.

     3. What is the most fulfilling thing about blogging for you?

Exploring my own potential when it comes to writing poetry in response to daily prompts.

     4. Which childhood memory mortifies you the most?

I don’t really have any mortifying memory. Lol. My childhood went pretty awesome haha.

   5. If you could live your life either 50 years in the past or 50 years in the future, which would you chose and why?

If I’m gonna be diplomatic I’ll say past, but if I’m gonna be real then I’d say future. Its gonna be fun to see what humans do this beautiful earth in the next 50 years.


   6. What three tips would you give to your ten year old self about living their life?

“Don’t stop at what you are doing. You’ll end up in a great place.”

   7. What activity/thing/person cheers you the most when you are upset?

Watching an old disney show. Lol. They were fun and they always cheer me up.


Well it was really fun doing this. Thank you so much Vikki once again for this nomination.

Have a nice day! 🙂

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