The First Secret of Design

Our semester begins with an interactive video of Tony Fadell by Ted Talks, where he talks about The First Secret of Design – Noticing.

Anthony Michael “Tony” Fadell (born March 22, 1969) is a Lebanese-American inventor, designer, entrepreneur, and angel investor. He has been the Senior Vice President of the iPod division at Apple Inc. and is known as “one of the fathers of the iPod”. He then founded Nest Labs in 2010 and launched his very first product Nest Learning Thermostat.

In the video he talks about how we as humans have, over the time, gotten used to everything around us that we do every day, in fact 100 times a day.


Well it sort of is…. for designers mostly

Habituation makes us overlook the tiny details which might be bothering us but since we are soo used to it, it doesn’t bother us. Here comes the work of a designer. We have all heard that design is a way to solve a problem, Designer has to find that one tiny piece of detail which is going unnoticed.

Look Broader

Look Closer

Think younger

The three pieces of advice by Tony to create a successful design. We all agree with all don’t we. I mostly agree with “Think younger”. A young mind is the key to all our problems in life. I have never seen young kids struggling in life and getting depressed by a tiny problem. I remember last year I had my 7 yr old cousin sister over at my place and she asked if I had any paints and brushes. I gave her the paints but I couldn’t find the brushes. While I continued to search for them, she started using her fingers to paint instead, creating an absolutely different and colorful piece.

We all are born with creativity in our head but not all us are able to make it through in life with that mind. Constant criticism from old mentality and society, masks our young minds, which is why we find it difficult to solve simple problems in life. As rightly said by Pablo Picasso.

Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain one as we grow up.

– Pablo Picasso

The key to successful design is overlooking habituation. Then a broad vision with an eye to detail will help us guide through.


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