Static Emotions

In life we face so many kinds of situations but fail to react at them. Those unexpressed static emotions build up in your head and get stuck. You see them everyday, but don’t notice. You wish to go back to them but can’t do it.


“I was running in the park

By my own self

Sweating in the dark

My calf muscles stiffening


The breathe of fresh air

rustling through these fallen leaves

A perplexing environment

Resonating with my off-beat heart


I turn at the corner

At the far I see it

Standing motionless

Like a magician’s trick

Reappearing at every second blink of an eye


My vision getting blurred

My head getting heavy

I reach that end

And its decamped


The more I wished to turn behind

The strongly I was rebuffed

I wished to stop

But I couldn’t.”

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