Whats your problem? I’ll find a solution for it.

After that interactive video of Tony Fadell in Ted Talk, we were given our first assignment. Look beyond habituation and find that one problem which is going unnoticed and come up with a design solution for it. Now this was a tough task because everyday you crib about your life problems, but when asked to mention one, its difficult to find it. All of a sudden life starts to seem perfect.

Anyways, so the first thing that popped in my mind was movie theater seats. The regular ones which share armrests. I suggested to have a sliding slab with a coke can holder, that can slide out from the armrest in every seat. This way every individual will have his personal armrest with a pepsi can holder.


But this was rejected as there are now some theaters with dual armrests even in regular seats.

Here’s my second idea. Hair brushes. How many of us are sick and tired of cleaning out those tiny tangled pieces out of that jungle. Its gross, its time taking and we’re all lazy. I suggested a thin silicon sheath, which can be put over the brushing part (Having holes for the bristles to pass through). It will act as a secondary layer on which the tiny hairs will settle. You can easily pull it out, taking the hairs along with it and also cleaning the bristles at the same time. It can be re-applied.


Yay so my faculty approved this one. But I have another.

This one is more like a personal issue, but I guess some of you might have faced it. The nasal sprays rarely clear the blockage at the end of our nostrils, which is like the main area of blockage. As a result I have to lie down for 10-15 minutes, apply the nasal drops twice for it to clear. Then whats the point of having the spray feature in them, when I have to lie down anyways and waste 15 mins. So my idea, to have a detachable dual piped structure that will fit onto the bottle like its cap and each pipe going a tad bit into each nostril, giving the liquid a push so it reaches the end of our nose.

Ok so this one was also approved. For people with extreme case of blocked nose, like me, and people suffering from sinus issues, this can come handy.

So I got these 2 approved and now I have to work on my designs. What do you think of these ideas?

Check out the designs here.


6 thoughts on “Whats your problem? I’ll find a solution for it.

  1. Your ideas are so innovative and productive. While scrolling WordPress feed, found this post and I must say that your both the advice are impressive. 💯

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