First Sketches!

Hey! So a few days ago I posted “Whats your problem? I’ll find a solution for it.” Our first task where we had to look around us infact beyond us and find one problem and come with a design solution for it.

So the two ideas that I posted and were approved, I made the first few sketches of the ideas. So here they are.

– Problem – Hairs stuck in between hair bristles.

So here it is. The silicon sheath I talked of. A sheath in shape of the hair brush, with semi punched holes. The bristles will pass through them and the sheath can be attached to the hair brush base. The hairs and dirt will settle on the sheath instead of the brush and it can be pulled out and cleaned and put back. Its re usable.

– Problem 2- Ineffective nasal sprays in clearing the nasal blockage.

The dual pipe system in shape of the bottle cap, so it can be attached to the bottle just like its cap, and also be removed. The extended pipes will reach a little bit inside the nostril and then the spray action will directly hit the back of nose and clear the nasal blockage.

So what are you views about the sketches and ideas? Please do tell any drawbacks too.

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