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Lol. So its my birthday today. I’m officially 19 now. I am proud January-born Capricorn. Any other Capricorns out there? Uh don’t feel any older though. I’m so excited today. So I was wondering what special to do today. So I was like, I am turning 19 today so here are 19 facts about me.


19 Facts About Me

  • I’m a guy whose friend circle is 99% girls.
  • I’m friend zoned by every girl because I am too nice. Lol
  • I was really good at studies, and I mean science. Its hard for people to believe coz I am now a design student.
  • I don’t listen to Hindi songs. English, few french and Spanish and just came across an Arabic song.
  • I don’t watch Hindi films or television. I’m fact I don’t watch TV. Only NETFLIX.
  • Even though I was good at studies I was never really motivated to sit and study.
  • When I talk on the phone, I cant sit at one place. I walk continuously. I don’t know why.
  • I have gone through a series of career options before choosing fashion. They include, acting, chef, hotel management, art teacher, painter, doctor and now a designer.


  • I hate kids. Absolutely hate them. That’s not dislike, its pure hatred.


  • I’m an avid canine lover. God removed love for kids from me and added it to love for dogs.


  • I have never had a girlfriend.giphy.gif
  • I literally just took science in 11th grade to “pass” school. People are so surprised by it coz taking “arts” to “pass” is considered okay. But who takes science? To pass?
  • I managed my entire school life, without having a tutor or any external person teaching me. And I passed with awesome grades. (96%)
  • I am an OCD for hygiene.


  • Whenever it comes to a tv show, I fall in love with the supporting actor every time, instead of the leading protagonist.
  • I have a collection of slippers. Yes you heard it right. I have about 25 pairs of the same kind of slipper. I threw about 5-6 pairs because they were worn out.
  • I have a very weird taste of music, which only I like. No one else does.
  • I have an insane love for learning new languages. So far I know a tad bit of spanish, french, arabic and japanese.
  • I have a long list of places I wanna travel, Alone. Starting with Barcelona.

Hah! So these were 19 facts about me on my 19th Birthday. Uh so this is gonna be my last teen year! I will have to be an adult from next year. That’s bad.

Well that’s all for today! Today is my break from blogging! Hahah!



15 thoughts on “Its My BIRTHDAYYYY!!!!!!!

  1. Lol you are so freaking cute. God 19 feels forever ago for me even though it was only 9 years, haha. My mom is a capricorn. Her birthday was on the 9th. I also don’t watch TV. Only Netflix and Amazon Prime usually. My husband is the same as you are. He paces when he talks on the phone. Sitting still is not an option ever. Animal love is legit! Also, since you like supporting actors more than mains, you should watch Grey’s Anatomy. Unlimited supply of supporting actors! Haha.

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  2. Muchas felicidades joven! Barcelona es una bella ciudad!

    Je suis tres impressioné que tu aimes les langues comme moi!


    That’s happy birthday in Japanese speller phonetically of course!

    Hope you’re having an awesome birthday cutie! So nice getting to know you better.

    Thank you for sharing!

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  3. Happy Birthday to you!

    I love to pace too.. can’t stay put. Don’t watch TV either. Had five dogs at home (3 rottweilers [females] – gave one to a friend, one german shepherd [male] and one more whose breed I never bothered to find out because she died of food poisoning a few weeks after we got her – vet says the poisoning may have happened before we got her.

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  4. Happy Birthday Silas! A day late, sorry! Loved reading your 19 facts about you and you are totally awesome! I’m curious about what you like to watch on Netflix (Stranger Things is one I watched recently, it was awesome. Also Dirk Gently!) and what kind of music do you listen to?

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    1. Thank you so much Jo-Ann. Ahh its okay, its only a day late! I’m glad you liked the 19 facts!

      I watch Stranger things, obviously. recently I started watching Full House, Ik its an old show but I just recently came across it. Other than this, My netflix is mostly horror based stuff. Horror movies, any and every kind. The last horror I saw was Rosemary’s Baby.

      I mostly listen english classical, preferably Celine Dion, other than this, I like Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes and Selena Gomez. I listen to them always. But my heart is with Celine and its going on. (pun intended)

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      1. LOL Oh my…I’m roaring here! Glad your heart will go on!

        I have’t seen Rosemary’s Baby, but I’ll check it out. Full House, yep! That’s an oldie! I caught the odd show when it was on, but I didn’t see very many episodes. I’m sure it’s fun to watch tho!

        Have a great weekend 🙂

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