With designing comes greater responsibility. CAD (Computer Aided Design). If you are a designer you have to have software’s like photoshop and illustrator on your fingertips. So going with it, our CAD sessions started off with out introduction to layer masking. Now I am not really gonna bore you guys with explaining it all and giving a tutorial, you will find a ton of it on YouTube. We had to finally create 3 graphics which could be printed on a T-shirt. The graphics had to be created using layer masking method. So here’s what I did.

Here’s my first one. Graphic 2 Original

I wasn’t really liking the font. It doesn’t go with the grandeur of the lion. So I decided to change it.

Graphic 2

Now here’s the final one, which I love. Its the first time I did the explosion thingie on Photoshop and I really enjoyed it, it was fun.

Here’s the second.

Graphic 3

Here’s what I created originally. I felt like it was missing something, so I figured to add a little shadow in it and some background.

Graphic 3 Final

So here’s what I finally have. I really like this one coz Emma Swan, is my favorite character of Once Upon A Time, (The show and the character, I have used the quote of). Its a very powerful message in there.

Here’s the third.

Graphic 1-1

I used one of my own poems in this one. I am kinda proud of this one coz this really goes with what I wanna say in the poem, and I personally would love it on my T-shirt.

I’m still kind of tinkering with this one, working with the background and stuff so lets see.

I would love your opinions on them. Please do! Thank you so much!

Have a nice day. 🙂


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