Liebster Award #3

Hey everyone! So here’s again, my 3rd take at Liebster award. I was just nominated by Ta-An from Ta-An Speaks. Beautiful blog over there do check it out.

Now moving on to the award.


1- What scent reminds you of home and why?

Ahh that’s hard to answer because there is a very peculiar smell which I know but can’t describe. I guess its a blend of honey moisturizer and vanilla, with few tints of Axe deodrant. I said it because my mom is an ocd for skin care. She applies moisturizers every second so her room and in fact the entire house smells like that because she roams everywhere. My dad is an ocd for deodrants so whenever he gets ready, he applies a whole bunch of deo, whose smell scatters in the entire house.

2- What color lights do you like on your Christmas tree? Colored, yellow, or white?

Yellow. Although I’m not a christian, so I don’t celebrate Christmas like it should be, but I do decorate the tree and surrounding parts. Yellow lights shine brighter so thats why I prefer them.

3- Silk robes or big comfy winter robes? Why?

Silk robes. Who wouldn’t want that soft fabric draping over their bodies.

4- How do you define a good friend?

For me a good friend is the one, who doesn’t need constant attention. Even if days go by we didn’t talk to each other, but when we do we pick up right where we left at. A person who respects that each of us has our own lives and personal space. Oh and someone who doesn’t have ego issues.

5- What is the thing you think sticks out most about the way you treat people?

I respect personal space. There are things where I shouldn’t stick my nose onto and I respect that.

6- If you were able to erase one memory to gain one back that you forgot, which memory would you give up, and which one would you want back?

I wouldn’t want anything back, because firstly I don’t remember the memories I don’t have, obviously. But ya there are some people from my past which I’d like to forget.

7- What book (or thing/activity) that is considered boring (maybe by other people) do you really enjoy?

Just sitting at home doing nothing. Many people find it boring as compared to their friday night outs. Just come on, I have some personal space which I need to attend to every day. I just can’t always be a fake socialite.

8- Do you like American cartoon styles or anime?

Never seen american cartoons but ya american tv shows. Big fan of them.

9- What foreign music do you enjoy?

Classical, mainly by Celine Dion. Other than this I listen to artists like Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth and Justin Bieber.

10- If you could visit one place at one specific time (past or present) where and when would you go?

I wanna visit Earth way back in the past when it was all the way green and see those animals which are now extinct.

11- If your blog was a person what would they look like?

Someone just like me. Coz this blog is literally all about me.

Really enjoyed answering them. Thank you so much Ta-An. You have a lovely blog and lovely stuff in it. Keep blogging!


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