Gibraltar Campion

Hey everyone! Welcome to floral weekends. This is a segment started by me where I write about some beautiful and strange flowers from all around the world.

Gibraltar Campion can only be found in the British territory of Gibraltar. The bi-lobed florets are of varied colors, ranging from violet to bright pink.  This mild-fragrant flower blooms for even shorter periods. Located in the rocky outskirts of Gibraltar, it seems to be nature’s own subtle way to save it from evil and prying eyes of humans, or its idea to give the faraway mountains a dash of life, color and of course, hope. This plant is under protection under Nature Protection Act of 1991 by the Law of Gibraltar.


From the beginning, the number of this plant was so less that after a while it was declared as extinct. However, the Gibraltar Ornithological & Natural History Society stuck to its view of its presence in 1985 but eventually gave up by 1992 when they failed to find even the slightest hints indicating its presence. In 1994, the flower shined like the ray of hope through the rainy clouds. This rediscovery alerted every biologist over there. he seeds were propagated at the Millennium Seed Bank to revive the plant in future and a specimen was stored at the Kew Royal Botanic Gardens in London. Today you can only witness this flower at Kew Royal Botanic Gardens in London.


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