Weekly Photo Challenge – Beloved #6

Weekly Photo Challenge – Beloved

Finally ending this epic photo series with these latest additions to my doggo family. Ginnie gave birth to them exactly a year ago. So these pups aint pups anymore. They are the cutest and most adorable members of the group, and also the youngest.

Thats Rosy. She is a very calm and sweet bitch. Often gets bullied by her brother and sister.
That’s Lily. She is the sweetest one of the entire gang and very closely attached to us. All day she sleeps in our patio and whenever one of us gets out she jumps and hugs us.
Thats Jimmy. He is the most beautiful dog. He has these beautiful long fur on his body that swirl in the air as he runs. He has a frilly tail just like his mother and bright yellow eyes. He is still growing in size and with this pace he might just look like a wolf.

I hope you guys had fun meeting my family from the other side. Sadly soon I will be leaving them coz we are shifting to a new house, so its gonna be tough for us, more difficult for them.

Well that’s all, Cee’s odd ball challenge coming next, so check it out. 🙂

Have a nice day.

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