Dark Masquerade

Not a poem.


Hey everyone, so you see I missed a few days last week to blog. Well my submissions got me, pretty hard, and they would be easy if I had a few subjects or different dates for each but no, my dear faculty has to do it all in one single week. Oh and I have a ton of subjects. Surprise Surprise. Believe you me I have about 9 subjects total. Who thought fashion will require these many? Nevermind. So I have something interesting to share with ya’ll.

For Design strand, we are supposed to take a theme and dwell on it and come up with a collection. So what I have taken up is Dark Masquerade. Its something which has fascinated me since the beginning. Fantasies and mixing some dark stuff here and there was tots my thing. Haha. Am I evil? I’m probably satan by heart, like 0.001%. Lol

So we’ve just started with it and we have to come up with street wear collection by the end and probably stitch the garment too. So I am pretty dam excited. How about you guys? What are your opinions on Dark Masquerade.

Here’s my Mood board to give a little peek.

“after all what is a lie, tis but the truth in masquerade”

Shivam Mood Board - Masquerade
Image copyrights 2018.


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