Writer’s Block

I don’t know whether its a phase or coz of my semester, I am currently going through writer’s block. Words are not coming, ideas are dead, prompts ain’t working for me. What the hell is happening? Why is it happening?? Uh its probably my semester, I am feeling a little too disconnected with my blog lately, have too much going on. I feel I am gonna restrict myself to posting photographs for a few days. Well we’re going for craft study trip to Jodhpur, 2 weeks from now, so there’s one more travel diaries coming soon so stay tuned for it. We’ll be visiting Jodhpur and Udaipur, to study about Kathputli Art, its an ancient art of puppetry that hails from Rajasthan. Our final project will also be related to the same, so very excited for it. Its gonna be a 1 week trip.

My current masquerade project is also on the run, currently developing some forms and surfaces through the elements, will share soon. So that’s another final project. So I have 2 final projects which seem a little too far away as of now hahaha.

Oh another exciting thing, I stitched track pants! Finally learned how to. Although its for a 6 yr old girl, none here so its kinda useless. I wanted to stitch one for myself but the course guide demanded something else. Anyhoo, my teacher really liked it for the first attempt so yay me. What else?… Yea so I did some Illustration works, so let me share them today itself. A lot of graphics have been made and apparently there are more to go. Rumor has it that we have to make about a 100 graphics in this sem.

Anyhoo currently I am working on my designs for a competition. Its the Redress design award and my topic is Reconstruction/Deconstruction. Kinda overloaded with work. But that’s apparently what this fashion industry demands.

So how’s your day/week going?

I really want to see Black Panther. Probably I’m gonna go this sunday. Lets hope. Oh I just drifted off topic. xD


6 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. I hate getting into a writing rut. I force myself to write in a journal everyday, no matter what it is. Eventually something comes. Good luck!

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    1. I agree with that. I also force writing somedays too but being in a fashion college, there r days when I cant even forcefully take time out.
      Thank you so much though!

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